Ten Fun Internet Sites!

Written by Do I Editorial

The internet has connected the whole world in an unprecedented manner and made us all global villagers. While the web is an excellent source for secondary research and for helping us keep abreast of current affairs, it is also an unbelievable source of entertainment. Even though most of us spend a majority of our surfing time on social networking websites, there is a larger world of intrigue and fun that the internet has to offer. Here is a list of 10, really fun internet sites that can engage you for hours and even make you forsake some of your precious ‘Facebook’ time!

1. Buzzfeed.com – Want to figure out what is hot on the internet? Then buzzfeed.com is the first site you should visit. Brimming with quaint news, articles, funny stories and videos, buzzfeed.com lives up to its name and presents you with a host of buzzing topics on the web. Your idea of fun may be reading the most trending topics or indulging in some idle gossip; this site is a smelting pot of everything fun and relevant and can cater to your versatile tastes, right from the go.

2. Thechive.com  – One of the most popular humor sites on the internet, The Chive has what it takes to make a boring afternoon surfing session into fun time on the web. Celebrity spoof videos, exposes, funny pictures and how-to-articles are posted on a daily basis and even while you are browsing the site, new content will come up. The Chive is also associated with other humor sites and offer unlimited, random fun content. To add to it, The Chive also invites users to upload their own original photos and propagate the chive-fun.

3. Cracked.com – Just like The Chive, Cracked.com is another humor website with a versatile offering. Cracked.com offers fun articles, videos, photos, ‘quick fixes’, hosts forums and much more. The site is exhaustive in design and boasts of all elements of fun. There is fun content about movies, video games, music, sports, technology, history, science and random information that can blow your mind. What is intriguing is that most of the content is factual and not just a spoof of real things. You can stock up on some fun facts and trivia knowledge with Cracked.com for sure.

4. Wondermind.tate.org.uk – This is an incredible site designed for children in the age group of 8-12 years but adults can enjoy it too. Wondermind offers a wide range of interesting content on development and functioning of the brain in the form of mini-games, quizzes and videos. It is not only informative but visually pleasing and highly interactive. Definitely one of the best sites developed in the UK of late.

5. Fmylife.com – Fmylife.com is apt for those who revel in dark humor. It is a platform for people to share some of the most humiliating incidents of their lives, stressing on the fact that their lives are totally screwed up. While some stories are totally ridiculous, some are borderline hilarious. You can read on and never tire of some heavy-duty venting and mortifying anecdotes.

6. Engrish.com – Yes, not all of us are English-experts and still we love to ‘laugh-out-loud’ at silly spelling or grammatical mistakes in the print media. Engrish.com is a fun site that satisfies this fetish of ours. It is a compilation of pictures from all over the world capturing posters, signs, product packages, clothes, video games, texts, etc. that assassinate the English language on a daily basis. The content is mostly posted by users and the site also offers an e-store full of products with ‘Engrish’ inblockedions.

7. Failblog.org – This site is a part of ‘I Can Has a Cheezburger’ network and is a collection of videos and pictures representing some disastrous and hilarious ‘fail’ moments. Some of the categories regularly updated with fun content are – ugly repairs, parenting fails, dating fails, party fails, workplace fails, etc.

8. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com  – All of us have that weird family photo lurking somewhere in the family-album, biding its time to embarrass us at the most inopportune moment. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com is a platform where people have shared ‘banes of their existence’ with shameless pride and commendable sense of humor. Costume themed family portraits, yester-year style statements and quirky hairdos are pretty commonplace in the pictures posted on this site. You can have a fun time browsing through other people’s wall of shame and post some of your own awkward family photos.

9. OMGfacts.com – Although most of the sites considered as fun sport random content meant to make fun of real life situations, this one is a stroke of genius and still makes the list. OMGfacts.com offers some mind-numbing and intriguing facts pertaining to science, history, politics, movies, celebrities, sex and much more. Each and every fact posted on the site is well researched and verified, making it nothing short of an encyclopedia of the most random facts ever. You can always pick up some interesting information to impress your friends. And if you wish to share your own fun-facts with the world, this is most definitely the site for you.

10. Iwastesomuchtime.com – Since you started reading this article, you must have realized that you waste too much time. This is an ultimate coffee-break site and offers a host of pictures and videos for you to rate. There are, however, only three ways to rate a post on Iwastesomuchtime.com – ‘Awesome’,’ What the what’ and ‘Boring’. Simple yet addictive! The cheeky humor and queer sense of intrigue of the creators is apparent in the site and the random posts presented can make your day for sure.

Of course, the list can go on and on because when it comes to identifying fun sites, our preferences may vary quite a bit.  However, these sites attempt to offer minimum-brain involvement and endless fun to all users in those long, boring and dull periods when YouTube, Twitter and random searches on Google don’t quench our thirst for something novel!


Photographs: Turkish oil wrestling from Buzzfeed.

Visual Courtesy:http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/