10 Adventure Sports You Must Try Before You Die!

Written by Do I Editorial

Adventure is a word that gets the adrenaline to rush faster in some folks. Around the world, there are crazy adventure lovers who would almost trade anything with the devil to get high on thrill and fun. The good news is that our earth has no dearth of sports and we have no limits to innovation. This makes it easier for adrenaline junkies to be part of nerve wracking sports or activities that fulfil their sense of adventure without even having to bait with the devil. If you are looking at some heart-stopping activities, here are ten of must try adventure sports that should be part of your bucket list of activities.

Glacier Climbing – If you were exhilarated after a screening of Vertical Limit and if a documentary on avalanches gets you high, then you are a glacier person. Yes, the glaze of glacial heights and the risk of being buried under a probable ice-flood are attractive to those adventure addicts who could find fulfillment in this sport. High on risk yet enjoyable to those who know how to savor it, this sport is highly intense and pretty risky too. The best hubs to savor this sport are Jostedal Ice Cap in Norway and Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Argentina. Of course, do not forget your safety gear, crampon and a trained assistant on the trip! Oh, we forgot the ice axes—you better tag them along as well!

Zorbing – Now a much talked about adventure sport, zorbing had been hidden in obscurity for long. With its high intensity and the heart throbbing movements defining your roll down a slope in a large ball, this sport has justifiably made it to second place here. Despite being cushioned and lined safely, the sights you see around as you are all toggly on a bumpy roll-down, packs in a punch. Rotorua, the original hub for the sport still ranks as our top suggestion when it comes to picking a spot best suited for this sport. Despite being safer than a few other sports, zorbing had had its fair share of accidents. To avoid any untoward incident, make sure that you zorb around only at a venue that is registered as safe. And yes, do not forget to enjoy the sights and sounds as you roll down!

Kite-boarding – Also referred to as kite surfing, the sport is licensed to thrill on water! In fact, it combines myriad other sports such as paragliding, surfing, wakeboarding and gymnastics. However, the level of thrill is extreme as is the difficulty. Western Cape in South Africa’s Cape Town is the best-ever place to be at if you intend to try this sport. In fact, you needn’t worry much since the beach line offers so much variety that there is a huge array of kite-boarding levels you may pick from. High on risk and demanding in terms of expertise, the sport needs a lot of practice and focus to perfect. Yet, once you are confident of your balance and concentration, your heart could leap with thrill as the waves swoosh high up!

Dune-dashing – Sounds crazy, no doubt, but the sport is only for those unconditionally crazy about adventure. While Dubai sounds all glamour and glitter, who knew it is home to an extreme sport that could make adventure freaks salivate with excitement. Dash against the powerful dunes on the sandy-scape ensconced in your SUV to feel what it means to fight against something as whooshy as sand! You feel as if you will be swallowed in by the sand yet feel excited as you remain in your car! The dimpled sandiness around and the overall feeling is akin to what you would feel on a crazy rollercoaster ride.

Hang gliding – It is no coincidence that this activity finds place among the best adventure sports, not just in the USA but across the world. While it is not much talked about, the sport offers a unique opportunity to glide in the air while being hung to a Delta Plane. And, yes, it is almost as if you have acquired wings that will not melt as you go higher up towards the sun. Arizona is the bestest place to hang-glide; California is a close contender.

High wire – Loved seeing a tight rope walker down the alley? Well, you may get the thrills doing it yourself. Only that instead of a rope, you will have a cable wire and you will be at a pretty high point where the Earth looks smaller than it is! High wire is a nerve wracking sport fit for adrenaline pumpers who love breezing through the risks in life. The Nevis Rage Centre in UK is a top pick.

Base gliding – If there has to be one sport that sums up a fringe sort of extreme level it is B.A.S.E – an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. The last term is synonymously used for cliff. You need to jump from a stable object and finally ‘parachute’ your way to break the fall. Sounds exciting? It is! Want to know what the top hubs for this sport are? Well, you choose—it could even be the Eiffel Tower!

Caving – A recreational adventure sport that suits only those who are true-blue adventure lovers. Go deep down natural and wild caves while gearing up for some full-on adrenaline rush. You could catch up with crystals in the budding stage, the might of stalactites and much more. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky that spans over 390 miles is truly an adventurer’s delight!

Mountain Boarding – If you crave for variety and are in love with surprises along each corner, this is the best pick for you. The sport needs a sense of balance and practice before you trail across ski resorts, grass hills, mountainous terrain, rocky trials—and so much more than your may ever find! Though not as popular as snowboarding, the sport has quirks that can only be experienced rather than expressed. Turn to Mount Cook in New Zealand or maybe Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada for the best boarding ever!

Wreck diving – Remember the movie Ghost Ship? Well, you definitely know how thrilling and life-alerting it could be to dive amid the blue waters of an ocean amid shipwrecks! Now, even if this sport is not haunting or scary, it sure makes you awestruck. Depending on your expertise, you could simply swim along the wreck or even go deeper into the darkest of the areas along the same. Of course, be prepared to encounter more than what you bargained for. Chuuk, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, is a top pick followed by Grand Anse in Grenada.
Ready to try any of these? What’s holding you back?

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