Five Insanely Addictive Online Games

Written by Do I Editorial

There are so many interesting online games that it is well-nigh impossible choosing just five.  But since that is the number I had in mind before writing this post, I am giving below five online games that are addictive enough to ruin your social and professional life. In fact, many of these online games come with an addictiveness level of ‘You Are Fired.’

Candy Crush
A deceptively childish game, it hooks gamers of all ages. It has everything you want – from bragging rights to interesting bonuses to a steady increase in difficulty levels. The bonus wheel is a great boost to flagging spirits. Besides wanting to beat the computer, you have everyone watching your progress; as such, you have no option but to finish the level and move to the next. The scariest part of Candy Crush is that while it starts off free, you find that you are eventually are spending a lot of money to stay in the game.

Do be warned: if you send requests to friends on Facebook to play Candy Crush, be sure that many of them will ‘Unfriend’ you for sure.

Fruit Ninja
This is a game that makes you remember Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. The cool swords that you unlock are great incentives. The tricky banana actually commands your full attention no matter where you are and demands patience and precision.  With extra points being given when you slice the first and the last fruit and when you make sure that you do not drop any fruit, you are committed to the game from start to finish. In one way, playing the game is almost cathartic as it allows you to work off some aggression while chopping though the fruit.

Farmville was the most popular game on Facebook in 2009 and continues to be popular today. The best thing about this game is that it has so many things going on simultaneously that there is no time to get bored. It is such a demanding game that you will find yourself putting in reminders on your phone to harvest your crops before the developer destroys them. As the size of the farm grows, so do the tasks you have to complete. Before you know it, you are scheduling your work away from the computer just to be in time to milk your cows. One plus with this game is that you get the farm experience without actually getting your hands dirty.

Angry Bird/ Doodle Jump
Two almost similar games and both are equally addictive. The initial levels are easy but just when you start to feel confident those sneaky little piggies start to trip you up. Both these games cater to your secret desire to be a superhero.  The exultation you feel when you free the captives and kill your enemy at the same time, and the frustration you experience when that one stubborn pig just won’t capitulate no matter which bird you throw at him, are both wildly thrilling and ensure that you keep playing till you get those perfect three stars.

Ms. Pac-Man
This is one of those games you can go back to at anytime and still get hooked. It has the right balance of speed and agility. Outsmarting the rather cool looking villain trying to kill you gives a new meaning to “enjoy the chase.”  You are forced to think on your feet while you look for every opportunity to finish off those bugs and ensure you get bonus points for doing a great job. Interestingly, this game has its own code of ethics, so much so that you do not mind losing a round. The bad guys are not allowed to sneak up on you but challenge you head on and you do get a chance to avenge your earlier defeat.

Visual Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/44702485@N04/