What Makes a Person Genuine?

Written by Do I Editorial

In the fast paced world of today that sees swish-swashing between virtual profiles and real faces, understanding who is genuine and who is not is a big deal. We interact with thousands of people on our social networks and also in real life. Therefore, there are chances that we have a huge number of people we call friends. The bitter truth is – life is not a cakewalk and gaining a friend for life does not happen overnight. While the boundaries between virtual and real are slowly overlapping, it is time we learned the golden rule of sieving the genuine people from the not so genuine. The easiest part here is that genuine people, irrespective of culture and continent, exhibit common traits that can be easily identified as we interact with them.

Comfy in their skin: While there might be a lot of people who are extroverted or overtly friendly, genuine individuals have a feature that is way different from these. They are not merely friendly. They seem to be comfortable in their own selves. There are no falsities associated with the portrayal of their selves. In fact, the more you interact with a genuine person, the more you will realize that he or she speaks his or her mind without a hitch. The other thing to remember here is that genuine people do not come across as blunt or arrogant. There are few vital differences in being comfy in your skin and being extravagant or overconfident. A genuine person never talks or acts to put someone else down. They have an image but never consider this to be their only hallmark. Mostly, a genuine person is accessible, approachable and friendly.

Not ready to fit into another’s shoes: The basic line of difference between genuine and fake people is that the latter often try to be exactly like you or any other person they meet. Such fake individuals are akin to flatterers who try to fan up or warm up to any person they interact with. Remember those people at office who sneer at you yet oil you to get their work done? They appear to be a friend but ate likely to be fakes with narrow minds. On the other hand, genuine people never try to prove their loyalty by nodding to whatever you say or by trying to be like you. They are just not ready to fit into someone else’s shoes. They have a mind of their own and believe that having opposing opinions on varied things is a healthy sign of long lasting relationships.

Clear headed with no airs: Well well, this is one trait we barely see these days. In fact, most people have too much air around themselves. In addition, most professionally successful persons let success get over their head. Genuine people generally come across as more clearheaded. They know how much to speak and how much weight a word could carry. They also believe in friendships or relationships for life. The key here is that a genuine person is identifiable by the way he or she presents himself or herself to the world. Cut the haughty factor and the rudeness and you get the essence of a genuine person.

Easy going without stiffness: No matter how confident one is, a genuine person will surely come across as more easygoing than the non-genuine folks. This is because they do not need to scream their views out to the world. Even an ice breaker interaction with such people leads you to like them. Not only do they give you ample space but also make you feel positive. As they say, the vibes you feel around genuine people are all bright and positive. Now, do not expect them to be as joyous as a harlequin. Rather, expect them to be warm and cooperative whenever it comes to discussions. In fact, whenever you are caught up in a tricky situation, it is mostly the genuine people who spring to help. Mostly, you would not even have to call them and nag for aid!

Great listeners: This is a very identifiable trait of genuine people. They are great listeners and care to lend you an ear whenever you are in hot water. Moreover, they patiently listen to you without interruption. Yet, they manage to give you neutral suggestions. No biases, no influential tips and the like. It is easy to sieve a genuine person from all those fake guys – thanks to this trait. While, now-a-days, they are a rare race, I am sure that there would be some in your circle who fulfill this criterion. Moreover, a genuine person will always care about what you feel—no matter what kind of relationship both of you share! If you have someone like this in your life, lock, seal and sign him or her to be your friend forever.

Honest and frank: Again, these are traits only genuine people can house within themselves—honesty is something that can never be faked.  Genuine people may even be reserved and introverted; however, their frankness will reflect in their behavior and their opinions. As said above, genuine people are easily distinguishable from the fake because of their inherent trait of never talking behind the back. In case, they are displeased with you for any reason, they will display the guts to openly talk about the same. No typical gossip mongering and back biting activity as far as genuine people are concerned.

A genuine person stays with you no matter what. Despite this getting repetitive, we have to remind you again that such people happen once in your lifetime. Cherish those you have in your life and go on respecting them, loving them and keeping the bond with them going strong.

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