10 Signs That a Person is Your Soul Mate

Written by Do I Editorial

You may or may not believe in soul mates. You may be the cynic who scoffs at the idea of there being one person on the planet who is a perfect match for you. But there’s no denying that there is something magical about being in love. Maybe it is just a chemical thing but it sure as heck feels pretty darn good. Below are 10 signs that a person you’re with may be your soul mate. If you have found that one perfect person for you, you will recognize some of these signs. If you are flailing desperately in the love department, these might help get you back on the right track. If you have a cold, black heart and think all this is a bunch of hogwash, then at least have a good laugh on us romantics.

  1. Butterflies in your tummy. So this sounds like some girly nonsense, but it is actually very telling. Now butterflies in you tummy don’t mean feeling anxious and wanting to throw up (If a person makes you feel like this, he/she may be the opposite of a soul mate). It means excitement, anticipation, and goose bumps even. And not just on the first few dates either. With your soul mate, you’ll experience the same feeling years after your first date. It may not be there all the time or even feel exactly the way it felt on your first date, but it is there. Less urgent, maybe, but stronger and more comforting.

  1. There’s no pretending. When you are with your soul mate you don’t feel the need to pretend to be all sophisticated (when in reality you are a plebeian) or to have read all the classics (you only read Archie comics). You can be yourself. Your emotional, messy, imperfect self. They will still love you. In fact they will love you more. Remember, a soul mate doesn’t want to change you; they love you for who you are.

  1. They are your best friend. Imagine being able to talk to someone about anything. Nothing is too weird, too gross, too sensitive or too offensive to talk about. Nothing is off the table (okay, almost nothing. Nobody needs to talk about your obsession with One Direction). Imagine coming home everyday to this judgment free zone, that’s what being with a soul mate feels like. Of course, it is but natural to not always like the same things or have the same interests, but they accept you and your quirks.

  1. You love spending time together. This may feel like a no brainer but think about it some more. It is almost always fun going to fancy dinners, late night drives and exotic vacations, but the real test is enjoying each other’s company during the other less exciting, more mundane times in life. Like when you’re washing dishes or doing your taxes or even after a particularly bad day at work. It doesn’t matter what you’ll are doing together, you still prefer being in each other’s company.

  1. You forgive and forget. Things may not always be rosy even if you have been fortunate enough to find your soul mate. There will be fights, tears and, sometimes, hurtful words exchanged. But you are far more likely to want to make up. You want to not only forgive but also forget. Being in love makes you feel more generous towards them and you are less likely to hold grudges, remember squabbles or bring up 10 year old fights to score brownie points in the future.

  1. They get you. They know you so well that sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Just a look can convey a thousand words. You’re at a party full of people, the two of you’ll make eye contact and in that moment they understand that perhaps you need some company (you hate mingling). Or you’re watching a particularly ridiculous Bollywood movie with friends at the theatre and a heinous, offensive song comes on. You just have to look at each other and you’ll both know that you are thinking the exact same thing, “Get me out of here!”

  1. They remember the little things. Now this one may not seem like a big deal, but it is an important one. Did they remember what kind of coffee you like to have after the first couple of dates? Did they notice that you never touched the peas on your plate? Did they remember that you like the window seat on trains? If answers to these questions are a big yes, you probably got yourself a soul mate. Because to notice the little things means that they were observing you, were interested in you, caring enough to know that it meant something. Hold on to this one, folks.

  1. The kissing is out of this world. Okay, the world is full of bad kissers. Not everyone is born knowing how to kiss right. But practice makes perfect, so most will eventually get there. However, life is too short to spend it with a bad kisser. When you’ve found your soul mate, expect fireworks. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, but it will be just right. And it will only get better with time.

  1. You never get tired of talking to each other. There are no awkward conversations, only comfortable silences. You never run out of things to say to each other. Spending 5 hours on the phone with them when they are travelling for work or forgetting to sleep the whole night because you were having too much fun talking about life are typical signs of having struck gold in the soul mate department.

  1. You can’t imagine a life without that person: Sounds melodramatic, but that’s how being with a soul mate can feel like. It is hard to remember what life was like before you met them and hard to imagine how life would be if you had never met them. Soul mates can be addictive. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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