Simple Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment

Written by Do I Editorial

Happiness is a state of mind and not a state of being. Understanding the depth and meaning hidden in this simple statement can change the way you live life and can make you happier than ever before. The feeling of happiness and contentment is triggered by nothing but a set of chemicals in our brain, making us believe that our present situation is fulfilling. Many researches have shown that every human being has a base level of happiness and, give or take certain life changing circumstances, most people tend to remain at this basic happiness level. This pre-decided happiness level is impacted greatly by our genetic makeup; however, the environment, attitudes and behaviors can impact our happiness as well. Therefore, it won’t be too farfetched to state that happiness can be cultivated and is not as elusive as some philosophers and cynics would have us believe.

The first step towards consciously achieving a state of happiness and fulfillment is changing your attitude. Despite the fact that we spend most of our lives chasing material things and tend to associate success and satisfaction with our aptitude, true happiness can only come with the right attitude. Be optimistic about everything and let your positivity infect others as well. Try to find a positive aspect of every situation presented to you and focus on the good in every person and every situation.

Once you are viewing the world right, the next step is controlling your behavior. How you think and how you behave can dramatically elevate your mood with minimal effort or input. If you are quick to anger, try to rein it in as often as you can. Venting your emotions can provide relief, but it can harm your interpersonal relationships beyond repair. A little control over what you speak can improve the way people perceive you and eventually transform their behavior towards you as well. You should also avoid unnecessary confrontations, guilt and stress that can mar your general sense of being.

It is true that the way you feel can affect the way you look, but it is equally true that the way you look can definitely impact the way you feel. Maintaining a healthy and fit body can lead you to a more fulfilled state of mind. Adapt to a routine of regular exercise and indulge in a balanced diet. Occasional treats and comfort foods may offer temporary happiness but true pride in your body and health will prove to be a sustaining source of contentment and happiness. In addition to diet and exercise, sleep can do wonders to your happiness levels. Try and squeeze in an extra hour of sleep every night. You will find yourself brimming with energy and enthusiasm the next day and feel much happier about life in general.

These adjustments may seem minor but they are not as easy as they look; bring about the changes slowly and surely and you will find that your life is moving towards lasting happiness and fulfillment. Moreover, do make sure that you find time for yourself; nurture that hobby that you had forsaken  due to the more pressing and immediate responsibilities.  A little ‘me – time’ doing an activity that you genuinely love can prove immensely pleasurable.

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