10 Fun Ways to Stay Healthy

Written by Do I Editorial

Healthy is boring. Nowadays, this is how a majority of people think about the healthy lifestyle. And it is understandable. Try to compare vegetables and fast food. Fast food is more enticing and backed by extremely appealing advertisements, it definitely looks a lot more fun than boring old broccoli and spinach. However, what most people fail to realize is that staying healthy can also be fun. There are many ways to liven things up and here are ten of them that you could try:

  1. Get involved in a competitive sport

There is a big difference between merely just working out and getting yourself involved in a competitive sport. When you are competing, you are involving yourself in a constant battle. Every day, you are kept up on your feet. It might be scary but it is an exciting feeling. What’s more exciting is winning. Competitive sports give you a natural high while keeping you healthy. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. Try new exercise routines or new sports

When you have been doing the same exercise routine or playing the same sport for a long period, you are likely to eventually hit a plateau. The excitement is gone and you no longer notice your body improving. If this is the case, do not be afraid to try a new exercise routine or a new sport. Not only will you meet new friends but it will “shock” your body’s system and allows your body to develop even further.

  1. Seek Mother Nature’s help

Outdoor activities can be fun if you are a nature lover. Gyms can get quite boring so why not mix it up by trying out mountain climbing, rafting and other adrenaline pumping activities that will not only improve your health but will also get you closer to Mother Nature.

  1. Dance it away

There are some who are not the sporty type. They do not like weight training at the gym either. Instead, they enjoy putting on their dancing shoes and hitting the dance floor. If you are one of the dancing kinds, you can try out Zumba, belly dancing, pole dancing, hula dancing and so much more. There is a wide variety of dancing exercises that are being offered according to your preference. You can choose one that is closest to your area of interest or you can try as many as you can until you can figure out which one works well for you. Not only will you enjoy your passion, you will also meet new people as well.

  1. Go on an active vacation

Instead of going on a typical holiday, why not go on an active vacation? Instead of simply taking a picture of a beautiful mountain, why not try climbing it and taking a picture at the summit? Instead of just lazing around on the beach, why not try to train your arm muscles by boating around the island? Not only will you be able to stay fit while on a vacation but going on an active vacation will allow you to actually get involved with a place so that you get to appreciate and explore it more.

  1. Hop on a bike

Cycling is a great exercise that not only tones your body but also allows you to explore new places without spending too much money. What’s more, it is an activity that you can enjoy with the whole family. If you have kids, they will certainly enjoy hopping on their bikes. You can also join cycling groups to expand your social circle.

  1. Learn to cook delicious, healthy food

Staying healthy does not only involve physical routines. It also involves proper nutrition. This part of healthy living is essential because there’s no point in working out or getting involved in sports if your diet is unhealthy. If you love to cook, you can take special courses or with some research and experimentation, you can learn to cook delicious, healthy food. A lot of people shun healthy cuisine because they don’t consider it delicious. However, if prepared well and deliciously, they can taste even better than unhealthy food served in restaurants and fast food joints.

  1. Visit organic markets or healthy food fairs

Typically, there are healthy organic markets or food fairs near many residential areas; the food fairs could be during weekends or on special occasions. Take the time to visit them and enjoy eating healthy food. You will be presented with a wide selection of food that will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also help your body to stay healthy. If you can cook, you can get great recipe ideas from these markets and use them in your own kitchen.

  1. Involve your family or friends

Everything is more fun if done with your loved ones; so make sure to include your family or friends in your journey to optimal health. Not only will you have a great time doing your exercise routines or eating your healthy meals, but you will also be doing them a favor. Nothing is more fun than being able to help other people to improve their own health.

  1. Make new friends

Making a friend at the gym or wherever you are working out will motivate you to perform better. Having someone to talk to will get your mind off how painful weight lifting is or how slow time is moving for you. You can also have “mini contests” with them. You can have a friendly competition on who can run faster, do more crunches and so on. So the next time you pass by a stranger while you are jogging, do not hesitate to smile. Gain a friend and lose more pounds.

Staying healthy is not easy but if we take the right approach, we can go through the process while having fun. These are just ten simple steps that you could start off with but do not be afraid to try other ways that will work for you. Everyone has a different concept of fun so make sure to be in tune with yourself. Figure out what makes you tick and incorporate it with your healthy routine. Not only will you be enjoying positive changes in your health but also in your overall well-being.

Visual courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/edsonhong1/