Having a Bad Hair Day?

Written by Do I Editorial

We all have them and the good thing is there is a way to deal with a bad hair day. Here is how you can minimise the damage and still look good:

If your hair refuses to stay in place even after applying gels or mousses, try tying it up. You can make a neat bun if you have long hair or you can tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck if you have short hair.

If your hair is really short, like a pixie cut or a short bob, you can pin down one part and with a gel style the remaining bits to give you a slightly waif-like appearance.

If you have greasy hair and no time to wash it here are two things you can do to make your hair look non-greasy: You can tie it up or you can dust your scalp with a little talcum powder, leave on for five minutes and then rub off with a dry towel. The powder will absorb the excess oil and reduce the greasiness.

If you have grey hair and the roots are showing but you have no time to colour it, a simple technique will do the trick. You can invest in a touch-up stick and then touch up the roots at the parting and along your temples, where grey hair is most likely to be visible. If you don’t have a touch up stick, even a little box of kajal or mascara helps. Only, use these sparingly as they can give you an itchy scalp. When roots begin to show, it is best to opt for a hairstyle where you tie up your hair, so that it minimises the visible grey roots. Then touch up as suggested above and you are ready to go.

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