Four Musts for a Successful Interview

Written by Do I Editorial

There are certain behaviours exhibited during an interview that will make you noticed and give you that call back you desire. Four of these are outlined below:

1. Strong pitch: Start the interview focussed and headstrong. A pitch is an overview that explains who you, what your best qualities are and what important assets you bring to the table. Discuss things unique to you and make sure you’re honest and authentic.

2. Enthusiasm:  It’s very important to show enthusiasm during an interview;
the interviewer must feel that you’re happy to be there and are comfortable to discuss the questions asked by them.  Many times, nervous candidates build up a wall around themselves unknowingly and this leads to a bad interview.

3. Do your research: To reduce your stress levels and have a good interview, it’s critical that you research the company you’re going to work for thoroughly. Understand what the company does and what its beliefs are. Also, before going for any interview make sure that you sort out your weaknesses and strengths. Having knowledge of the same and being able to discuss them confidently shows that you are a mature and self aware person.

4. Think on your feet: During an interview, there will be tough questions and hardballs thrown at you. It’s not possible to answer all of these; in case you don’t not know about a particular topic, it’s better to be honest than try and make a fool of yourself.  Show creativity and intelligence during open ended or situation based questions and take your time to answer all your questions.

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