Five of the Biggest Discipline Mistakes Parents make

Written by Do I Editorial

Here are the most common discipline mistakes parents make today while bringing up their children:

Being a bad example. Children learn through imitation, so their parents’ behavior has a huge influence on theirs. Before you start planning to change your child’s behavior, you need to correct all your mistakes and weaknesses.  Do an honest and serious self-assessment.
Asking too much. Change takes place slowly; it’s better to change one thing about your child at a time. Asking for too many things at the same time will only lead to chaos and you’ll back to square one.
Not providing a substitute. 
No behaviour will change permanently unless you teach your child a new behaviour to replace it. For example, if your child has an “arty” side and loves to draw on the walls, instead of just discouraging them, provide an alternative place to him/her to practice his/her art – a canvas, for example.
Not explaining the “why.”
If we want our children to incorporate our values, we have to explain WHY. Just asking children to drop a habit isn’t going to work . One must explain why that particular habit is inappropriate.
State your rules simply (you’re the authority, after all), and don’t end with questions like, “OK?” If they press you, say you’re not open for negotiation, then turn and calmly walk away. Know what you stand firm on. Then stand firm.

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