Easy Skincare

Written by Do I Editorial

1.  Stay away from the sun
Exposure to the sun – overtime – can cause wrinkles and other skin problems.  Limit exposure to the sun to a minimum. Stay in the shade. If you HAVE to be out in the sun, use a good quality sunscreen, ensure that all the exposed parts of your skin are protected and wear protective clothing.

2. Drink!
Water, of course!  Water flushes away toxins, not just from the body, but from the skin as well.  Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is great for other reasons as well.

3. Be gentle
Treat your skin gently.  Don’t spend too much time bathing and don’t use very hot water.  Don’t use strong soaps. All these rob your skin of essential oils.

4. Eat well
Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, lots of protein.  Do away with processed carbohydrates and fried foods.

5. Don’t smoke
This is a no brainer.  Smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin, reduces the flow of oxygen.  It also impacts the elasticity of skin negatively. And it has a whole host of other harmful effects.

6. Sleep well
Sleeping well rejuvenates the skin; you also avoid puffy eyes and dark circles.

7. Avoid stress
Stress can trigger skin problems.  Manage stress and anxiety.  Stay calm.

8. Moisturise your skin
Moisturising your skin on a regular basis can keep it hydrated and supple.  Use a good moisturiser before sleeping.  Be regular, that’s the key.

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