How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Written by Do I Editorial

Sometimes, it hard for some people to remain positive and keep a smile on their faces when faced with adversity or an unsatisfactory situation – at work or at home. There are certain triggers that go off to make people disgruntled; they fall into a cranky mood that could only have unfortunate consequences. For people at work, a nagging boss, un-cooperative colleagues or a demanding client could cause one to quickly regress into crankiness. Even at home, your spouse, parents and even children could make you wish that you were somewhere far away from them.

Although we really cannot predict what our reactions would be like when experiencing a bad mood, we can ensure that we shrug those off and deal with our mood before we actually start losing our temper and start snapping at people. It is correctly said that bad moods are no fun and they really make people around you uncomfortable too. These mood swings could even cost someone his or her reputation at work amongst colleagues and, worse still, top management. Therefore, it is always good to sort out the issues causing you to give out bad vibes.

I am outlining below some of the better ways that you can use to get out of a bad mood and become your old, joyful self again:

Identify the Problem
Sometimes, the problems that bother us are so complex that we find it difficult to find a clear-cut solution, leaving us baffled and depressed. However, people should ensure that they dig deep to find out the root cause of their bad mood and write them down. When you do that, your brain will be relieved of the stress the information stored inside may be causing.  

When you find out the missing pieces to the puzzle you are dealing with, try and put them together to help find a solution. If the solution to the problem is an easy one then you have nothing much to worry about; however, if it is a complex one, make sure you put all the pieces together before arriving at a satisfactory solution.

In identifying the problem, do try and figure out if your health is not the problem. If your bad mood occurs at around the same time every year, the culprit could be your hormones (and this is more applicable to women).  Fluctuating hormone levels could cause crankiness and irritability and you would do well to increase your intake of omega-3 – that works.  Another culprit could be your thyroid and one should keep getting ones thyroid levels checked.  Fluctuations in blood sugar could also exacerbate the situation.

Keep Yourself Occupied
One of the best ways to combat a bad mood is to bury yourself in work, even if it is boring and mechanical; this will help divert your mind off the issue. For example, if you have any paper work pending, make sure you complete it. Once done, you will find that the anger within you may have reduced considerably. Expel all the negative vibes you feel by directing your anger at something else. Some people do their best work when angry, leaving them more relaxed and positive.

Make the ‘Call’!
When people are in a foul mood, they usually tend to call a person close to them – a sister, friend, mother or even the local spiritual guru. This move is a smart one to make. When faced with issues causing discontent, it is always necessary to vent your frustrations to ensure that you feel lighter as a result. Therefore, meet someone close for a coffee or a quick meal to discuss the reason for your irascibility. When you engage in something fun with people whom you consider close, a natural improvement in your bad mood is almost inevitable. So the next time you feel yourself going down the ‘bad mood route’, make sure you call or text a friend or family member for some unburdening.

Let the Music Play…
When in a foul mood, nothing really soothes the nerves like some good music. Music is a universal language and you have a tune for every mood, so make the best use of it. Plug your earphones into your cell phone or switch on your iPad or iPod and escape into another world. A relaxing and slow song should do the trick as it helps calm the nerves. However, some people would rather listen to a nice dance track to liven up their mood, reinvigorating them with positive energy. Whatever type of music works best for you, make sure you employ it and you will feel the difference. Keep these devices charged at all times because you never know when a mood swing may come knocking!

Change the scenery
A cluttered workplace or a crowded room at home does not really help you overcome your bad mood. During times like these, put your car/bike keys in the ignition and head out for a long drive. All you really need at times is a change of scenery to help you fight off the blues. If driving or riding is something you do not feel like doing, you could always opt for a nice long walk to a secluded park or a small lake; it really helps to get away from the noise and from the bad vibes. Buy some healthy food and, maybe, a nice cup of coffee and take in the quiet surroundings. This will help prevent you from constantly thinking of the issues that are causing you distress.

Sort out the personal stuff
At times, it is the people who are the closest to you that are responsible for your cantankerousness. Your personal relationships could be bringing you down and causing you to remain in a bad mood almost all the time. Therefore, take the time to step back and really evaluate the importance of such negative energy in your life. Ask yourself a really pertinent question: ‘Is it worth it?’ If the answer to that question is an affirmative ‘yes’, then contact the person concerned and sort out whatever differences there may be. If the answer is ‘no’, you know exactly what to do even if getting yourself to do it is difficult. Once the personal strains have been sorted out, life becomes better and more positive.

An Attitude Change
Your bad mood depends on your ability to change a situation or allow it to change you. Therefore, if you are in a bad mood, change your attitude and be stubborn enough to not let it hinder your positive energy. Change your attitude before it changes the course of your entire day. If this does not work, immerse yourself in a light workout session as that will help release all the negative energy, making you feel better physically and mentally.

These tips can be used by people irrespective of the kind of issues causing them their ‘bad mood.’ Take the time to implement them before flying off the handle again; these should surely work favourably. Make the change now.

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