Travelling Abroad on a Budget

Written by Do I Editorial

Travelling is one of the best sources of knowledge. It fosters creativity and helps you learn about cultures and lifestyles from around the world. The idea of taking an overseas trip can be very exciting if you don’t have a list of expenses looming over your head. However, if you’re willing to make a few adjustments and settle for something besides the best, you could manage within a tight budget.

* Save on air fares. Book tickets well in advance and look for cheap, connecting flights. If possible, book a round trip ticket as well because the prices for these are usually lower. Some airlines provide a coach service to and from hotels, so choose accordingly.
* Travel light. Pack only the necessities and preferably use a rucksack that you can carry around with you. This way, you won’t need to use transportation to go from one place to the other. You can just walk short distances. Pick up city guides and maps that are available free at airports.
* Be aware of the exchange rates and avoid exchanging money at airports. Find out the exchange rates at 2-3 local places and pick the one that gives you the best rates. Also, be aware of the dos and don’ts of the country you’re visiting.
* Cook your own meal instead of eating out. Buying groceries is much cheaper than playing for a meal, unless it’s something like fast food.
* Use public transportation or walk for short distances. Find out how much daily or monthly transportation passes cost (depending on the duration of your stay) and buy those if they seem cheaper.
* Avoid spending money on hotel rooms and lodges. Instead, live with relatives or friends. If this is not an option, rent an apartment for a few days. There are several room rental websites that can give you the best deals.
* Mingle with the other tourists and locals and take their help to locate cheap restaurants and bars around the city. You’ll learn more by conversing with them than you would in any other way. Ask them for the best ways to save money.
* Avoid shopping. If you absolutely must, be sure to find open air, local markets where you can haggle with the shopkeepers.
* A simple way to evade unnecessary expenditure is to pick an inexpensive place to visit. Travelling during an off season is another way to get good deals at hotels and sightseeing tours. Spend some time to figure out what each place to going to cost you, and accordingly decide on your final destination.

It is also very important to stay safe throughout your trip, especially if you’re a woman. Do not focus on cutting down on expenses if it means putting yourself at risk. Take a cab if you’re returning late at night and keep your passport and other important belongings with you or at a safe place. Keep these points in mind, and you can enjoy a great overseas vacation within a meagre budget.

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