The Perfect Cuppa Tea!

Written by Do I Editorial

* Boil water in a kettle or pan.
* In your tea pot, put some hot water beforehand.  Or, as the water for the tea is boiling, fill your tea pot with some water and place it in a microwave oven on maximum and heat for a minute.  Do ensure that the tea pot is of a material that can go into a microwave oven.
* Once the water in the kettle/pan is about to boil, remove the water from the pot and add tea (one teaspoon per cup).
* Pour the boiling water into the pot, close it and let it brew for three minutes.
* First pour a little milk in your cup and add the tea (via a strainer).
* Add sugar to taste.
* Drink at around 60° C (as recommended in a study done by the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences).
* If you are using a tea bag, put it in the cup, pour boiling water and brew for three minutes.
* Many people prefer to heat their cup in the same way as indicated in point two above, drain it and then pour the hot tea.

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