Save Electricity and Money!

Written by Do I Editorial

Day Light: Use natural light as much as possible.
: Start un-plugging appliances that are not in use instead of just switching them off because some – in stand-by mode – continue to use some electricity.
Energy Star: Buy appliances with an energy star label on them.  Today, most appliances indicate the level of energy efficiency. You may pay a bit more in the beginning but save a lot in the long run.
Switch from old halogen bulbs to new Compact Fluorescent Lights; these can be almost 80% more efficient than conventional bulbs.
Think big
: Use one large light bulb instead of a few small ones.  One 100-watt bulb uses less energy and gives off more light than two 60-watt bulbs.
Washing Machines
: A front-load washing machine uses less electricity (and water) than a top-load.
: Before putting hot foods into the refrigerator, cool them to room temperature. Defrost food before you bake or microwave it.  This uses 1/3 less energy than if you baked food that was still frozen.

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