How to Shake Things Up!

Written by Do I Editorial

As you grow, predictability becomes a part of your life. Your responsibilities increase and you find yourself in a pattern that repeats itself every day. This results in boredom, fatigue, disinterest and frustration. Making life more exciting is not a mammoth task and a few simple changes can enliven even the smallest experiences.

* Pamper yourself – Indulge in a day at the spa, get a new haircut or dress up better than usual for work. Go shopping for new outfits or mix and match clothes you have at home for a new look.

* Change your environment – A change in your environment can make you feel fresher. Move the furniture around in your house, rearrange your cupboard, paint your door a different colour or simply take a different route to work.

* Tidy up – Get rid of unwanted clutter in your house and in your life. Clean up your house and throw out or sell off unused items. Finish pending tasks and household chores so you have time to do something new and exciting.

* Have fun – Plan a casual meeting with friends or a night of partying. If you are more of a homebody, call friends over for dinner or fun activities like game nights or pot lucks. You can even liven up your week by watching a movie or a play, visiting a museum or a comedy club.

* Travel – Travelling is a great way to spruce up your life. Visiting a new country, meeting new people and engaging in new activities will give you a fresher perspective and a new attitude towards life. As an alternative to travelling, you could go on short excursions, hikes or adventure trips just for a change of scenery. If that’s not possible either, step out of your house for a walk with a friend or a visit to the local coffee shop. Read at a library or eat out instead of doing these things at home.

* Entertain yourself – If you have to spend a weekend by yourself, play brain stimulating games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles to keep yourself occupied. Engage in hobbies that you normally wouldn’t have time for, like reading, art or music.

* Exercise – Twice a week, set aside some time to exercise. Keep alternating your work out styles so you’re not bored. You could go to the gym, jog in the park, go for a swim, dance, skip at home or even go for a stimulating massage.

* Set weekly goals – A simple way to ditch the ordinary is to achieve one small goal every week. For instance, if your goal is to attend a wine tasting, sign up for a session immediately. Make a list of your weekly goals and pin it up where it’s clearly visible. As soon as you achieve one goal, cross it off the list and replace it with a new one.

* Do something silly – As a grown up, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your daily routine. Do something silly once in a while like swinging in the park, riding a horse, playing with paint, watching cartoons or even bursting balloons! Doing some of the things you loved in your childhood is a great way to feel relaxed and carefree.

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