50 Things to do When You are Really Bored!

Written by Do I Editorial

Is it one of those days when every second feels like eons? You are done watching TV, tinkering about your smartphone and loitering around on the Internet, only to find that all that isn’t enough to survive the day. If you have been looking for fun ways to fight boredom, we might have some nice ideas in store for you.

(Okay, so this one is for the ladies, although the boys are more than welcome to go through the list!)

1. Pull out your entire wardrobe and rearrange it in a neat manner.

2. Go on a cleaning spree and set about spring cleaning your entire house.

3. Rearrange the furniture to give your room a new look, even if it is quirky or nonsensical.

4. Pick out that book that you read so long ago and liked, and read it again to confirm you still like it.

5. Watch people barking their heads off on news channels, or that one channel you have never watched before.

6. Call up a random person in your contact list and convince him or her to lunch with you.

7. Back up all your data on your computer to a cloud storage (like Dropbox of Google Drive) and completely format your PC.

8. Download the oldest chick-flick you can find on the internet and watch it with a huge tub of popcorn.

9. Watch origami demonstration videos and create a few pieces yourselves.

10. Splash colours on a sheet of paper and fool around with your version of art.

11. Read through a random selection of blogs and leave a comment on each of them without fail.

12. Pick a random book from your book shelf and count how many full stops occur in that book.

13. Order a pizza from your favorite store and act as if you are a don ready to butcher the guy who comes to deliver the pizza.

14. Make paper boats and float them in a tub of water.

15. Open up your pillows, take out all the stuffing inside them, and refill them properly and stitch them up again in a compact manner.

16. Embroider your initials on all your napkins.

17. Search out the karaoke versions of your favorite songs and sing the song aloud as the music plays in the background.

18. Read the newspaper completely – every single column, every small news item, and list down the errors you found out.

19. Crack the Sudoku or other mind games that appear in the newspaper and send your answers to the address provided.

20. Take the longest bath you have ever taken. Relax in your tub, with music in your ears, a packet of wafers by your side and a book in your hand.

21. Pull out all your old photos and make a collage of your life.

22. Scan your photos on your computer and use them to make an animated video.

23. Read through all the forwards that reach your inbox through Whatsapp or other sites and make it a point to forward it to everyone you know, adding a personal touch to every message.

24. Find out some Zumba videos from YouTube and dance along with the video.

25. Pick out the sleaziest songs you like, make a playlist, and go on dancing with all the moves you know.

26. Wash your clothes with hand and brush instead of using the washing machine.

27. Bring out all your important papers and documents and sort them out neatly into labeled files.

28. Type your name in Google and browse through all the results the search brings up.

29. Try to build a family tree. Talk to your relatives, scourge the internet and try to trace your lineage as far back as you can.

30. Play your kid’s nursery rhymes CD and sing and dance along for “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Mary had a Little Lamb.”

31. Teach your dog to jump on a trampoline.

32. Lay out all your jewelry and try items from different pairs together.

33. Stitch up a sling bag or a purse using your old jeans.

34. Make a craft item or try out a new recipe from the internet.

35. Try cutting your hair into a new style all by yourselves.

36. Watch the dumbest movie in your collection and try to find a reason why you have it in your collection in the first place.

37. Watch a horror movie that makes you laugh and tweet about it as your watch.

38. Go on a ‘follow’ spree on twitter and follow all those people you want to.

39. Shape your nails and try your own nail art.

40. Make a romantic greeting card for your special one.

41. Go window shopping on the internet, browsing through various e-commerce sites.

42. Sit at your window and observe the different people passing through.

43. Write out letters of thank you or apology to all those you have been meaning to thank or apologize for a long time, but never got around to doing so.

44. Join a new Facebook group and participate in the activities.

45. Visit an elderly neighbor with a cake you made at home especially for him or her.

46. Rehearse telling a story standing in front of a mirror. Then gather a few children and entertain them with your story.

47. Set up a caller-tune that you like and call your cellphone from your land line or another number to listen to the song playing as your caller-tune.

48. Call you friend and pretend you are calling from her cellphone network. Tell her she has not paid her bill so you are going to terminate her connection, and enjoy her reaction.

49. Prepare a grand feast. Then call your husband and tell him it is an emergency and ask him to come home soon and surprise him with a special meal.

50. Go on reading thousands of such ‘time-pass’ lists available on the internet.

Got some other ideas? Feel free to share them!

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