Who was your Susan Glenn?

Written by Do I Editorial

This one is for the boys!

Have you ever come across that perfect girl, the girl of your dreams, the girl who was so divine that you just couldn’t muster the courage to even talk to her? Have you come across your Susan Glenn?

According to the Online Slang Dictionary, a Susan Glenn is “THE girl, the one that got away. Not just a girl, but the girl – a female who possesses a combination of physical and behavior characteristics that make her infinitely desirable to a man or boy. Susan Glenns are held up as nearly untouchable, and their very being creates vast emotions in the men who covet them.”

So how did the term originate? According to knowyourmeme.com, “the phrase “Susan Glenn” made its Internet debut on The Online Slang Dictionary in early May 2012. In mid May 2012, Susan Glenn started to pop up in places like Yahoo Answers and a few blogs, including MySusanGlenn.com and Professor Xavier’s Blog.  Susan Glenn has made its way into the meme world and can now be seen throughout the Internet. By the end of May, Susan Glenn had gained a following with the online community and started to pop up everywhere. A user-generated site was created on Cheezburger and Buzzfeed jumped on the bandwagon with several posts referring to Susan Glenn, including “Dudes Failing To Get Their Susan Glenn In 11 Gifs.” In early June 2012, Susan Glenn started popping up on Cheezburger Network sites, including several posts on GraphJam and Memebase.  Susan Glenn has steadily grown to include a Tumblr blog and other blogs have picked up on the phrase, like The Super Secret Project and Three Yards.”

As reported in adrants.com, BlogAds founder Henry Copeland thought that the introduction of Susan Glenn could be “a lame seeding for some movie…” As it transpired, Susan Glenn is part of an ad campaign for Axe featuring Kiefer Sutherland.  In the ad, Sutherland reminiscences, “Beneath my feet my own private earthquake registered an eight when Susan Glenn was near…If she approached, Susan Glenn didn’t walk, she floated…She embodied every desirable quality I’d ever wanted.  In my mind, I was a peasant before a queen.”

So what do you do when you find your Susan Glenn? Find the strength to talk to her; just do it or you may lose her forever.

Visual Courtesy:http://www.flickr.com/photos/79917367@N08/