It’s a Hypocorism!

Written by Do I Editorial

This morning, I was having a chat with a couple of younger colleagues.  In the course of our discussions, the name – Dicky – of an associate in Singapore came up.  I casually mentioned that his name was, in all likelihood, Richard and Dicky was his nickname.  My comely comrades were totally floored – they just didn’t know that Dick was short for Richard. I mentioned Bob and Robert – bewilderment.  Jim and James – ditto!

So for Indian folks not in the know, a shortened form of a word or name is called hypocorism.  It is a nickname, pet name, or term of endearment.

Those who are unaware of the nicknames for common English names, here’s a guide (names of gents, followed by the names of ladies):

Name                                                          Nickname/s
Albert                                                          Al
Andrew                                                        Andy
Anthony                                                      Tony
Arthur                                                         Art
Charles                                                       Charlie, Chuck
Christopher                                                  Chris
Daniel                                                         Dan, Danny
Donald                                                        Don
Edward                                                        Ed, Eddie
Eugene                                                        Gene
Francis                                                         Frank, Fran
Frederick                                                      Fred, Freddy
Henry                                                           Hank
Irving                                                           Irv
James                                                          Jim, Jimmy
Joseph                                                         Joe
John                                                            Jack, Jacky
Lawrence                                                      Larry
Leonard                                                        Leo
Nathan                                                          Nat, Nate
Nicholas                                                         Nick
Patrick                                                           Pat
Peter                                                             Pete
Raymond                                                       Ray
Richard                                                          Dick, Rick
Robert                                                           Bob, Bobby, Rob
Ronald                                                          Ron, Ronny
Russell                                                          Russ
Samuel                                                         Sam, Sammy
Stephen                                                        Steve
Stuart                                                           Stu
Theodore                                                      Ted, Teddy
Thomas                                                        Tom, Thom, Tommy
Timothy                                                        Tim, Timmy
Walter                                                          Walt, Wally
William                                                         Bill, Billy, Will, Willy
Amanda                                                        Mandy
Catherine                                                      Cathy, Cath
Christine                                                       Chris, Chrissy
Cynthia                                                         Cindy, Cynth
Deborah                                                        Deb, Debbie
Elizabeth                                                       Betty, Beth, Liz, Bess
Florence                                                        Flo
Frances                                                         Fran, Francie
Janet                                                            Jan
Katherine                                                      Kathy, Kate
Janice                                                           Jan
Nancy                                                            Nan
Pamela                                                          Pam
Patricia                                                          Pat
Roberta                                                         Bobbie
Sophia                                                          Sophie
Susan                                                           Sue, Suzie
Teresa                                                          Terry
Valerie                                                          Val
Veronica                                                       Ronnie
Yvonne                                                         Vonna

However, do note that in some cases, what appears to be a pet name could be the actual given name. So while Bill Clinton is William Jefferson Clinton and Jim Carrey is James Eugene Carrey, Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) is NOT John Dorsey. His given name was Jack.

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