How to Defend Yourself

Written by Do I Editorial

Imagine this – someone grabs you from the back as you are walking down a lonely street. What do you do? This fear is a constant reminder in the minds of all women in the current scenario in our country. The rising rate of crimes committed against women, especially those of assault and rape, has alarmed most women into taking self defence classes. Self defence is an art that can be learnt by anyone, irrespective of age, gender, size and prior training. Here are a few techniques that you can teach yourself to deal with a situation that poses a threat to your well-being or even life:

* Prevention is Better Than Cure
This is in no way intended to curb the personal freedom of a person, but given the current scenario it is always better to be cautious than sorry. Always walk or park your vehicle in well-lit areas, keep your car keys handy when approaching your car, do not speak on the mobile phone if you have to walk through a lonely street, keep yourself always alert of your surroundings if you are travelling alone. These are a few steps that you can take to ensure your safety. Being alert at all times gives your mind time to prepare for the situation. Also, it prevents you from being caught off guard, which reduces the chances of the success of an attacker’s intention.

* Be Loud and Push Back
Usually, attackers are on the lookout for vulnerable and easy prey. If faced with a situation, be loud and scream out ‘Back Off’ or push back the attacker with all your might. This alerts people nearby and also acts as a deterrent for attackers who are looking for weak and gullible prey. When you are loud, it sends a message to the attacker that you are a tough person to deal with and he might back off sensing trouble.  In case this doesn’t work, try and defuse the situation by talking your attacker out of assaulting you. If it’s a wallet or your jewellery he is interested in, give it to him and get yourself out of the situation. Nothing is more important that your safety and well being.

* Carry A Pepper Spray
Pepper spray cans are easily available in retail stores and online shopping websites these days. Always carry one in your handbag. When faced with a situation where you have to confront your attacker, do not hesitate or think twice before spraying the can. Aim for the face of the attacker and run to safety as fast as you can. You can also carry penknives or screwdrivers in your bag for your personal safety. These days Tasers and stun guns are also available in the market for self defence purposes. However, do remember to be decisive; if your attacker overpowers you, he may become violent.

* Join Self Defence Classes
Although there are many DIY self defence moves that you can learn through the Internet, it is best that you join a self defence class and learn the moves from an expert. An expert can show you different parts of the body that can be attacked and the correct way to attack in order to paralyse your attacker by causing maximum damage.

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