Benefits of Drinking MORE Water

Written by Do I Editorial

Everybody knows that drinking good amounts of water is beneficial; very few people do it! Start your day by drinking a couple of glasses of water.

Hydrates your skin: Diminishes the dullness and gives you naturally glowing skin.
Maintains Ph balance
: Drinking enough water keeps the body close to the ideal 7 + Ph range.
Helps weight loss
: Water has no calories; drinking before a meal may help you eat less. Water also boosts your metabolism.
Energy boost: Minor dehydration can be a drain on energy levels.
Helps the heart
: Studies have indicated that people who drink water have lesser heart attacks.
Combats aches and pains:  Even headaches can be caused by insufficient water. And water keeps the joints lubricated so that you have no joint pains.
Relieves asthma: When the body is dealing with drought conditions, it tends to restrict the free passage of air so that the water doesn’t leave the body.
Flushes out toxins: Water effectively removes toxins from the body.
Prevents kidney stones
: Drinking sufficient water is the panacea from developing stones.
Prevents cancer
: Drinking good amount of water everyday helps in keeping bladder and colon cancer away.
Helps sickness
: Drinking water helps in getting well sooner as being sick leaves us with low water in our body.

Visual Courtesy:http://www.flickr.com/photos/edenpictures/