10 Books to Brighten Up a Dull Day

Written by Do I Editorial

Grabbing a good book could simply turn your blues into cheer. Here are the top 10 books that I would recommend for brightening up the day when you are feeling particularly low. These books may not be contenders for the Booker Prize and the like, but they’ll surely bring a smile to your face.

The Notebook: Truly a love story that teaches you how love lets you forget everything. Lovers torn apart due to amnesia, a superb flashback tale and the magic of Nicolas Sparks make this romantic novel a great read.

A Walk to Remember: Another brilliant work from Sparks, this novel lets you explore the equation that love makes two different people share. The brilliance of the book is its realism – the romance in the book is just what anybody could have.

Done With Men: This breezy tale of a young ambitious Indian woman, written by a new Indian author, takes you on a happy ride. The protagonist is headstrong, makes mistakes and also dares to keep falling in love. Some scenes will make you giggle while others will leave you in splits.

Two States: Not a surprise pick here, Bhagat’s tale of inter-community North-South Romance makes you feel its college time again. The lead characters are endearing because of their flaws. However, they inspire each of the lovers with their dedication and grit.

The Italian Millionaire’s Wedding: This is a personal fave of many girls who’ve grown up on a healthy dose of romance. Mills and Boon never goes out of flavour and this book makes you fall in love with love. Richie rich guy, suave romance and little Miss Goody Shoes is a time tested formula for success.

Pride and Prejudice: Skipping a classic on a dull day is foolhardiness. This Austen romance makes you fall head over heels on love with the lovable tall fair handsome hero again. The coyness and outright acceptance of love is truly taught in the pages of P & P.

Fifty Shades Of Grey– A daring pick, yes. A superb choice, too. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele take readers to their fantasy world of love and lovemaking. Pick this up if you are looking to take a break from the sweet and indulge in something spicy!

Noon: Aatish Taseer emerges as a bright author with his daring story that threatens to tear apart hypocritical barriers. Throwing light on the strict Pakistani society, the book explores things that make you feel energetic on a dull day.

Delhi: A Khushwant Singh piece that again crumbles your notions of the picture perfect “Dilli.”  The story is as much history as it is literature. The plot is so engaging that you could skip lunch to know what happens to the eunuch lover of its protagonist.

Sex and the City: The book is as glittery and glamorous as the movie and TV series, if not more. Exploring relationships, entanglements and sexuality of urban New York women, it sucks you into the lives of the characters until you feel you are one of them.

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