How to Start Your Work Day Well

Written by Do I Editorial

Are you one of those people who start out to work with half a sandwich in their mouth and the remaining in their hand? Do you take care of your tie on your way to work? Do you usually reach late to office and then start an agonisingly hectic day at work? Are you exhausted by mid-day because you have been going crazy with work during the first half of the day? Do you tend to forget things easily? If you do, worry not. Most of us have a crazy start to a work day, but give it a thought. Does every work day have to be like this? Is there something you can do to make your day easy and comfortable, despite the entire work load that you have? Of course, there is. Here are a few tricks that you can use to make your work life much easier on your physical and mental self:

* Do not skip breakfast
Breakfast is the first thing to be compromised in the mornings among working people. No wonder, you feel famished and burnt out by mid-day. Make it a point to have a good, healthy and filling breakfast before you start out for work. Breakfasts give you the energy to get past the mornings and recharge you for the day ahead. You cannot be a star performer on an empty stomach, can you?

* Get Enough Sleep
You can curse the TV channel all you want for showing your favourite movie late night on a weekday, but do not compromise your sleep for it. To work efficiently and to look bright at work, you need sufficient sleep, so go to bed early and wake up early. This keeps you fresh and energised through the day at work and enables you to perform better in the office.

* Meditate
It’s time you said goodbye to the mad rush you get into after waking up each morning. If you go to sleep early, you wake up on time, which leaves you enough time to read the newspapers, fix yourself a cup of coffee and breakfast. Apart from these, meditate for a few minutes every morning. This helps you keep your mind and body composed. Regular practice will help you get rid of panicking and also make you strong enough to deal with crisis situations at work without losing your composure.

* Exercise
Mornings can be hectic and for most people, the thing to miss is some exercise.  However, even a 15-minute workout or a 20-minute brisk walk can do wonders to your entire day, apart from keeping you fit for the long run.  Of course, that means getting up just that bit earlier.

* Be Prepared
Always prepare for the next day at work, the night before. Clean your work satchel, iron and lay out the clothes you want to wear, polish your shoes etc. Use the previous evening to list out the things that you need to do the next day. Use the mornings to spend time with yourself. Read a newspaper, meditate or listen to good music. This helps you stay calm and composed throughout the day. Furthermore, by preparing yourself for the next day beforehand, you step out with a positive mind and perform better at work.

These are just a few things. You can add more to the list by introspecting and identifying your shortcomings. So live well and make a good start every day!

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