Key Lessons From Modern Indian Icons

Written by Do I Editorial

Despite its resonating spirit of unity, India is known for its diversity and versatility. Be it sports, arts, fashion, business, politics or social service, Indians who have made a mark  are clear about their values and can teach us all a lesson or two. For this generation, and for many more to come, some icons have set unmatchable examples. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they have uncannily acquired the essence of Indian spirit in their speech and actions. Not only do the masses adore them for their accomplishments, they also proudly idolize them as role models.

Here, we pick five such Indian icons and the valuable lessons that one can imbibe from them.

* Anna Hazare (The Revolutionary) – Perhaps the most popular icon of 21st century India, Anna Hazare shares a clear message of transparency and honesty with us. India, like any other major democracies, is not free from the clutches of corruption, hypocrisy, diplomacy and nepotism. Anna has been guiding the general populace to demand a more transparent government and rightfully ask for clearer political proceedings. For most of us, his Gandhian philosophies are too hard to follow and completely out-of-time, but if adopted, his commitment to ‘honesty’ can revolutionize the system and the country.

* Ratan Tata (The Visionary) – This man single-handedly led the biggest powerhouse of India on the path of international success and glory.  His life long career at Tata group was studded with achievements, unparalleled by any other Indian. He envisioned a future for his company, which could not be built without diligence and dedication. With a businessman’s mind and a patriot’s heart, he produced the world’s cheapest car (Nano) for Indian consumers. If there is one person who stands for ‘dedication towards perfection’, it would have to be him.

* Sachin Tendulkar (The Performer) – Clearly the most loved Indian sportsman of all times, Tendulkar is a hardcore performer. Cricket was shrouded in politics, scandals and power struggles, but Tendulkar always remained above all that. He is the truest example of talent making it big. Despite his divine stature, he has humbly continued to earn his country’s love. For every century that he has scored, his ‘perseverance’ has grown stronger and stronger.

* Narayana Murthy (The Dreamer) – He dreamt of an India-based IT company that was good enough to rub shoulders with blue chip IT giants across the world and he made that dream come true! An intellectual with a knack for finding out market needs and catering to it, Murthy put India on the map for software service outsourcers. With Infosys, he told the world that it is not impossible to dream of a better future and then achieve it too. If there is one thing that Narayana Murthy has taught us, it is ‘self belief’.

* Chetan Bhagat (The Narrator) – Master storyteller Chetan Bhagat has influenced the youth of India in more ways than one. Despite a top notch educational background and professional experience spanning a decade in international finance, he still managed to tap into the heart of India. His stories forced Indians to read once again. For almost a decade now he has been narrating the story of a young and evolving India, which is somewhere struck between old values and new ideals. His lesson for us would be ‘candid expression’. He may not affect economies or rattle governments, but he definitely gets the youth to think.

Visual Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vighi/